Arena Magazine: Jubilee Special Edition

2012 was a BIG year for the monarchy. With celebrations around the Queen’s Jubilee in full swing, even in the Council’s quarterly magazine!

THE BRIEF This magazine was normally template based and was delivered to every household in the borough. But for this special occasion, the marketing team wanted to go the extra mile. I was asked to design a ‘Special Edition’ of the standard Arena magazine to celebrate the borough’s involvement in the Coronation, those 60 years ago. The magazine was to be informative, providing information on events and activities as well as being nostalgic and something you’d WANT to pick up and read more of.

THE THOUGHTS This needed to be memorable, fun without forgetting about the importance of the content. Ultimately my task was to help the photos take centre stage, in a very patriotic and warming sense.
THE SOLUTION From the outset (the cover) I have made it clear what this edition is about. Integrating the memories and borough’s coronation celebrations into the Union Jack. These colours flow through the magazine, tying it all together. Pages come together like a scrapbook or album from the time – almost a time capsule. What will you discover next?


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