Rushmoor Borough Council: Garden Waste Campaign

Rushmoor Borough Council, a small local authority in Hampshire were suffering with very low take-up in their Garden Waste scheme.

The challenge was to create a campaign to encourage more people to join their Garden Waste scheme, in order to help sustain the service and also be good to the environment!

Beginning with a brainstorm of everything ‘gardening’ I drew inspiration from all the familiar gardening items, the things we associate with having green fingers. The only people who would suit this service are those who garden! So taking into consideration the target audience and the way this material would be distributed, it needed to be clear and concise.

Instantly restricting the colour palette and stripping back the garden items to clean illustrations allowed the message to shine through. The visuals are iconic and memorable, and so made a particular impact when the flyer dropped on the door mat. The campaign followed through in banners seen in Town, on the website, bookmarks available in the library and promotions at local events. All in all the campaign was reinforced and Rushmoor Borough Council saw a huge increase in the subscriptions for the Garden Waste scheme. Nothing proves success than seeing the figures improve in black and white! This campaign is still in use today, years after I first created it. A winner I feel!




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